Ana Paula Delgado

Ana Paula Delgado

Lecturer, Professor and Therapist in IQH in training

Technician and Technologist in Data Processing, Consultant in Digital Marketing, curious, tireless student, loves what she does and the life that she had the courage to co-create. She knows she’s just getting started and that she can only get better every day!

Elisa Cielu

Elisa Cielu

Our Designer

Elisa Cielu of the Marketing house, the first of her name, Regent of Cielu Design, Layout maker, unhappy images and eventual faces, Guardian of accents and good sense of aesthetics, Protector of small companies, Breaker of chains of entrepreneurs, Consultant of Marketing and Mother of cats.

Therapist Ana Paula Delgado

Therapist Ana Paula Delgado

Born in São Paulo, capital, with a strong Italian accent, I play, saying:

Virtually from the cradle, I have always been curious about how everything works and what the answers to the mysteries that exist between Heaven and Earth.

I consider myself a seeker!

And in this tireless search, I found in the middle of June of 2016 such a “HQI”. He had already studied many things in this life (perhaps in others, for those who believe in them), he had already participated in many courses, but until then he had never heard of such a HQI. What in the end was that?

Lover of research and studies, I went there to study.

Soon, passion rolled at first sight. It was as if I had finally found myself! I decided:

“I want this for myself!”
And so it was done … As soon as I discovered what HQI was, I got in touch with its developer, researcher, divulgator and teacher Sérgio Roberto Ceccato Filho and I learned that in a few days there would be a talk about it in Guarulhos , followed by basic course and training course.

I had no doubts and, even without knowing the “how”, I had already determined that I would complete all these steps, and set out resolutely towards my certification of Homeostasis Quantum Informational with the same passion, discipline, enthusiasm and good humor with which I practice (almost) everything in my life, lol.

If you have identified yourself, feel free to schedule your time to be taken care of by the HQI Therapist, still in formation, Ana Paula Delgado, here she speaks (or writes, rs).

Contact us via email ( or by mobile phones +55 11 98167-7794 or +55 11 94705-1589.

I will be very happy to be an instrument in your process of self-healing, self-sufficiency and self-sustainability 😉

A strong and fraternal embrace,